The mandocello is designed with a  guitar shaped body, with a 16” lower bout, the greater interior air volume  intended to support the demands of it’s lower register. Both top and back plates are carved, hand graduated and tuned. The top is X-braces Engelmann spruce, with either F-holes or a sound hole, depending on the tonal qualities desired. The back and sides are made of western Big Leaf maple. The neck is of 1, 2, or 3 pieces, made of  either eastern Red or Sugar maple. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony. The pick guard can be made from any number of hardwoods. Tuners are Gotoh minis. The finish is lacquer and an assortment of colors are available. The mandocello, with its greater body size has a robust low end and singing highs, and because of its waist, sits nicely on your lap and is comfortable to play. Scale length is 25 inches. The mandocello comes with a Cedar Creek custom hard shell case. A Calton case upgrade is available for an additional charge.



Mandocello: $5,800

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Photos by Glen Allison of Ketchum, Idaho

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